Why Tingkat Catering is the Newest Trend in Convenient and Delicious Home-Cooked Food

By admin
January 30, 2023

What is Tingkat Catering and How Does it Differ From Traditional Catering Services?
Tingkat catering is a traditional style of meal delivery service that originated in Singapore. It is similar to traditional catering services, but with a few key differences.
First, tingkat catering typically delivers meals on a daily basis, rather than for special events. Customers subscribe to the service and receive a set number of meals per day, usually for a month at a time. The meals are delivered in stackable tingkat containers, which is where the service gets
its name.
Another key difference is that tingkat catering often includes a wider variety of dishes than traditional catering services. While traditional catering might focus on a specific type of cuisine or event, tingkat catering is meant to provide a complete, balanced meal for the customer’s daily needs. This can include a mix of different types of dishes, such as rice, vegetables, and protein.
Another difference is that Tingkat Catering is more common in Singapore and Malaysia, as compared to other traditional catering services.
Finally, tingkat catering is often more cost effective than traditional catering services. Because the meals are delivered on a regular basis, the service can bulk purchase ingredients and prepare meals in advance,
which helps to keep costs down. Additionally, because customers subscribe to the service for a longer period of time, the per-meal cost is often lower than it would be for a one-time event.
In conclusion, Tingkat Catering is a traditional meal delivery service, with a focus on daily meals, and a variety of dishes, common in Singapore and Malaysia, and is more cost-effective than traditional catering services.

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